Conservative dentistry is a very important field of modern dentistry, dedicated to the prevention of tooth decay and the treatment of already formed carious cavities.

It is a specialized field of dentistry that deals with the reconstruction of the patient’s teeth after the loss of natural teeth, or after complete loss of the supragingival part of the tooth - its crown.

 A branch of medicine that deals with the surgical treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, facial region of the head - up to and including the anterior cranial fossa - and neck. Due to its scope, this specialty is increasingly often referred to as cranio-maxillofacial surgery. It is a subspecialty of dentistry and surgery..

Canal treatment, endodontic treatment, jargon endodontics - a method of treating irreversible inflammation of the tooth pulp. It consists of removing (under anesthesia) the pathologically changed pulp from the chamber and the canals of the tooth, disinfecting them and filling with a suitable material, most often gutta-percha.

Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that deals with the treatment of malocclusion. Or, as patients often define it, “straightening teeth”.

Orthodontics is most often (and rightly) identified with improving the aesthetics of the smile. In reality, orthodontic treatment is also aimed at restoring proper functions, such as biting and grinding food, or improving pronunciation.

Periodontal diseases, such as tooth hypersensitivity and periodontitis, may also affect people with an impeccable smile who do not seem to have any problems with decay and cavities in their teeth. A periodontist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease and should be consulted in case of problems with the gums and oral mucosa.

Cosmetic dentistry deals with improving the appearance of teeth and face. Procedures included in the cosmetic dentistry are only aimed at improving the visual effect. It is worth knowing that they should be performed only if the state of health of the teeth allows it.

The knowledge and experience of our doctors are supported by modern diagnostic facilities. In the clinic we have the possibility to perform immediate specialized examinations on site, which reduces to a minimum the time for making a proper diagnosis.

And only a quick and correct diagnosis is the basis for an effective treatment.

Pedodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on prevention and treatment of the youngest patients’ teeth.

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