This extremely important field of dentistry has been distinguished because the anatomical conditions within the oral cavity and jaws of a child are very different from those of an adult. What is extremely important, children patients require appropriate treatment at the dentist’s office and special care for their psychological comfort, as the child’s first encounters with the dentist often influence the way they perceive visits to the dental facility in the future.

Many adults are afraid of visiting the dentist. They visit the dentist’s office as a last resort because they hate the sound of the drill and all the things associated with the dentist. Often, even unconsciously, they pass their fears on to their children and delay the visit until the toddler complains of a toothache. This is the biggest mistake, because only regular visits will provide your child with a healthy smile. What’s more, the earlier you start visiting the dentist with your child, the less fearful it will be.


Caring for your baby’s teeth starts during pregnancy

Few parents know this, but it is worth making the first visit to the dentist when expecting a baby. Tooth buds are formed already in the fetal period, so the future mother should take care of her diet. She usually tries to eat healthy, but she does not always realize that what she eats also has an impact on her baby’s teeth. In order to ensure healthy and strong teeth of the child, products rich in calcium, protein, phosphorus and vitamin D should be introduced to the daily diet, including eggs, fish, dairy products, legumes and whole grain products.

During a visit to a dentist during pregnancy you will also learn how to take care of the oral cavity of your baby from the day of its birth and what behavior to avoid in order to protect your child from caries. The most important thing is to avoid sweets, but also try not to use the same spoon and kiss the child in the mouth, so as not to transfer the bacteria that cause caries. A visit during pregnancy is very important, as it is often the best time to take care of one’s own teeth and prevent carious bacteria and dental inflammation from affecting the whole organism, both the mother and the developing fetus.

The key element of pediatric dentistry is dental prophylaxis, which helps protect the baby from dangerous diseases in the oral cavity, especially caries.


Pediatric dentists at our clinic will take care of your child and will do everything to make the meetings at the dentist’s chair less stressful for the baby. We are well aware of the importance of adaptive visits, which should take place when the child’s teeth are still fine. This way we can be sure that the toddler will not associate the dental chair with pain. The parent should go for the first control visit with their child when it is six months old, when the first incisors appear.

At our clinic, the entire staff is focused on the needs of young patients. With toys, cartoons on the monitor during treatment, surprises for the brave patient after the visit, children want to come back to us for future appointments.


How should I prepare my child for the visit?

Dear parent! Trust us!

Talk! Tell your child about the dentist and their work. Remember that technology has advanced greatly in recent years and many treatments that used to be unpleasant are now a thing of the past.

Don’t talk about pain. Don’t use phrases like “it won’t hurt”. From the psychological point of view this is a signal for the child that something may be wrong. The first visit to the clinic should be completely noncommittal for the child.

Let your child observe. Bring your child when you are the patient.

However, make sure your visit is not too long and don’t plan complicated procedures.

Choose an appropriate time of day for the adaptation visit. The best time is in the morning or early afternoon, when the child is rested. Our specialists will skillfully accustom your child to the office.

Reward! A small gift during the first and subsequent visits is a great seal of friendship. Remember that a child who trusts us once, will be our patient for a long time.

And most importantly! They will have healthy teeth!


In treating children, the doctor’s approach is most important.

The most important thing in treating children is the doctor’s attitude - the way they encourage the child to cooperate and start treatment has an impact on many years of fruitful cooperation in the future.

During the first visits we try to make friends with a young patient. We perform only pleasant procedures such as: varnishing, plaque removal or sealing. All this so that your child leaves the office with a smile on their lips and returns to us with the same smile.

With delicious anesthetic gels, computer anesthesia and other aids at our disposal, we are able to start even the most difficult procedures at the right time.


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