In our clinic you will find people who have years of experience in working with children. Visits are held in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, no rush, and each patient is treated individually.

Ability  to  work  with  children

A selectively chosen team has been working with children for many years. We have thousands of healthy, satisfied children's smiles to our credit. The most important thing is to understand that the visit of a child is first to take care of them psychologically and emotionally, and only after that it is the treatment of teeth.

Carefully  prepared  interiors  and  offices

Carefully prepared interiors and offices, effectively distracting the child from the treatment procedures, providing comfort and a sense of security. As a result, the treatment is effective and both children and adult patients feel good with us!

Conservative dentistry and endodontics
Dental examination, consultation with treatment plan 200 PLN
X-ray image 70 PLN
Pantomographic image 100 PLN
Pantomographic image plus cephalometry 150 PLN
Filling a permanent tooth (composite) od 250 PLN
Temporary dressing 100 PLN
Temporary filling (zinc oxide with eugenol) 100 PLN
Temporary filling (glass ionomer) 150 PLN
Biological treatment 200 PLN
Composite veneer 500 PLN
Prevention and care
Scaling (Removal of calculus and plaque - 2 dental arches) 200 PLN - 250 PLN
Scaling (Removal of calculus and plaque - 1 arch) 150 PLN - 200 PLN
Sandblasting 150 PLN
Scaling with sandblasting, polishing and fluoridation 350 PLN
Sealing of fissures (1 tooth) 100 PLN
Fluoridation varnishing 150 PLN
Tray-based whitening 1000 PLN
Dead tooth whitening 400 PLN
Follow-up visit in a child previously treated at the Dentystka office (up to 3 months from the last visit) 100 PLN
Follow-up visit 150 PLN
Adaptive visit (up to half an hour) 150 PLN
Anesthesia 50 PLN
Hygienization od 100 PLN
Computer-assisted anesthesia 80 PLN
Sealing of fissures (1 tooth) 100 PLN
Extended sealing with fissurotomy (1 tooth) 150 PLN
Filling in a deciduous tooth (glass ionomer) od 230 PLN
Filling in a deciduous tooth (composite, Twinky Star) od 250 PLN
Extraction of a deciduous tooth od 250 PLN
Devitalization of a deciduous tooth 200 PLN
Root canal treatment of a deciduous tooth wizyta od 200 PLN
Procedure under pharmacological premedication 150 PLN
Impregnation (lapis) of deciduous teeth 150 PLN
Prophylactic varnishing of deciduous teeth 150 PLN
Steel crown for a deciduous tooth 350 PLN
Composite crown for deciduous incisor 350 PLN

Please be advised that the above service prices are indicative, and depend on the extent of the procedure. In our office there is a possibility to pay by installments Mediraty, adapted to the needs of the patient and determined before the treatment.


Book  your  visit  online

Conveniently schedule your appointment online. Each booking must be confirmed by a doctor, after the doctor accepts the date you will receive an email confirming the appointment.


Opening hours

The clinic is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.,

Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


We invite you to register by phone

tel. 692 77 80 11


Perle Dental Clinic, 12 Konwaliowa St.

55 - 040  
Bielany Wrocławskie


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