Conservative dentistry and endodontics
Dental examination, consultation with treatment plan 200 PLN
X-ray image 70 PLN
Pantomographic image 100 PLN
Pantomographic image plus cephalometry 150 PLN
Filling a permanent tooth (composite) from 250 PLN
Temporary dressing 100 PLN
Temporary filling (zinc oxide with eugenol) 100 PLN
Temporary filling (glass ionomer) 150 PLN
Biological treatment 200 PLN
Composite veneer 500 PLN
Intravenous Extirpation/Tooth Poisoning 200 PLN
Canal preparation with therapeutic insertion 350 PLN
Treatment of gangrene from 250 PLN
Restoration of a tooth for root canal treatment 300 - 400 PLN
Removal of a broken tool 450 - 800 PLN
Removal of the root post 400 - 750 PLN

Price does not include restoration of the tooth after the treatment

Primary Root Canal Treatment - Microscopic Endodontics
1 canal 700 PLN
2 canals 850 PLN
3 canals 1100 PLN
4 canals 1200 -1400 PLN

Installment plan

Repeated root canal treatment - Microscopic Endodontics
1 canal 800 PLN
2 canals 1000 PLN
3 canals 1300 - 1400 PLN
4 canals 1500 PLN

Installment plan

Prevention and care
Scaling (Removal of calculus and plaque - 2 dental arches) 200 PLN - 250 PLN
Scaling (Removal of calculus and plaque - 1 arch) 150 PLN - 200 PLN
Sandblasting 150 PLN
Scaling with sandblasting, polishing and fluoridation 350 PLN
Sealing of fissures (1 tooth) 100 PLN
Fluoridation varnishing 150 PLN
Tray-based whitening 1000 PLN
Dead tooth whitening 400 PLN
Follow-up visit in a child previously treated at the Dentystka office (up to 3 months from the last visit) 100 PLN
Follow-up visit 150 PLN
Adaptive visit (up to half an hour) 150 PLN
Anesthesia 50 PLN
Hygienization from 100 PLN
Computer-assisted anesthesia 80 PLN
Sealing of fissures (1 tooth) 100 PLN
Extended sealing with fissurotomy (1 tooth) 150 PLN
Filling in a deciduous tooth (glass ionomer) from 230 PLN
Filling in a deciduous tooth (composite, Twinky Star) from 250 PLN
Extraction of a deciduous tooth from 250 PLN
Devitalization of a deciduous tooth from 200 PLN
Root canal treatment of a deciduous tooth visit from 200 PLN
Procedure under pharmacological premedication 150 PLN
Impregnation (lapis) of deciduous teeth 150 PLN
Prophylactic varnishing of deciduous teeth 150 PLN
Steel crown for a deciduous tooth 350 PLN
Composite crown for deciduous incisor 350 PLN
Simple extraction 300 PLN
Complex extraction (with separation) from 400 PLN
Extraction of impacted teeth 700-900 PLN
Surgical suturing, removal of stitches 100 PLN
Incision and drainage of an abscess 200 PLN
Removal of the gingival hood 250 PLN
Treatment of alveolitis (1 visit) 200 PLN
Removal of a fragment of a cracked tooth 250 PLN
Implant consultation (In case of undertaking implant treatment, the consultation is free of charge, its cost is subtracted from the price of the implant performed). 200 PLN
Frenectomy of the upper lip 400 PLN
Tongue frenulum plastics with full excision and suturing 600 PLN
Excision of a mucosal lesion with histopathological examination 400 PLN
Implant - the surgical part 3000 - 3500 PLN
Ceramic crown on implant 2500-3000 PLN
Relaxation of masseter muscle (bruxism control) - with botulinum toxin (Vistabel) 1200 PLN
Closure of the oropharyngeal junction 600 PLN
socket preservation-usuniecie zeba z augmentacją pod implantację za 6 miesiecy 1000 PLN
Open sinus lift 4000 PLN
Closed sinus lift 1000 PLN

Installment plan

PROTETICS (Permanent works)
Fiberglass crown-root inlay 400 PLN
Cast-metal root-crown inlay 500 PLN
Temporary crown using the direct method (Structur) 250 PLN
Porcelain crown on metal 1000 PLN
All-ceramic crown 1500 - 2500 PLN
All-ceramic veneer from  1800 PLN
Porcelain crown on zirconium oxide 1800 -2500 PLN
Porcelain crown on gold 2000 -2500 PLN
Porcelain bridge on metal - one point 1000 PLN
Composite bridge on fiberglass - one point 1000 PLN
Glass support 1000 PLN
Inlay, onlay, overlay, endocrown - composite reinforced with porcelain 900 PLN
Inlay, onlay, overlay, endocrown - porcelain on zirconium oxide 2000 PLN
Crown/bridge cementation (repair) 300 PLN
Removal of the crown/bridge 250 PLN
Fitting of a single tooth on fiberglass tape 600 PLN

Installment plan

PROTETICS (Movable works)
Acrylic complete denture (1 pc.) from 700 PLN
Unsupported partial denture (1-2 teeth) 600 PLN
Unsupported partial denture (3-11 teeth) 600 PLN
Denture plate reinforcing mesh  plus 200 PLN
Skeletal denture from 1400 PLN
Skeletal denture - Acron from 1700 PLN
Occlusal splint 250 PLN
Dental guard 300 PLN
Clamping element for skeletal dentures (clip) 500 PLN
Repair of dentures with an impression, e.g. fracture, tooth extraction, bracket extraction 300 PLN
Denture cushion 300 PLN
Replacement of a retention component in a denture 400 PLN

Installment plan

Wrinkle smoothing treatment with hyaluronic acid 500 - 1000 PLN
Lip contouring with hyaluronic acid 400 - 800 PLN
Wrinkle smoothing treatment with botulinum toxin (Vistabel): 1 region 600 PLN
Wrinkle smoothing treatment with botulinum toxin (Vistabel): 2 regions 800 PLN
Wrinkle smoothing treatment with botulinum toxin (Vistabel): 3 regions 1100 PLN
Relaxation of masseter muscle with botulinum toxin (Vistabel) 1600 PLN
Face volumetry 2500 - 3000 PLN

Installment plan

Orthodontic consultation 200 PLN
Visit with diagnostics, impressions and imaging 250 PLN
Visit with discussion of treatment plan, analysis of models and x-rays 200 PLN
Vestibular screen 200 - 250 PLN
Removable braces - Schwarz plate with one screw  550 PLN
with two screws 600 PLN
Block braces with screw 600 PLN
Twin Block braces 1200 PLN
Follow-up visit with removable braces 100 PLN (every 6-8 weeks )
Pendulum braces 800 PLN
Soldered trans palatal arch 300 PLN
Nance plate 500 PLN
Stripping 1 arch 150 PLN
Removable braces repair with impression from 100 PLN
Facemask 800 PLN
Osamu retainer 300 PLN
Aparaty retencyjne plate 400 PLN
Retention Braces block 500 PLN
Retention Braces Fixed, glued retainer 200 PLN
Fixed braces - metal brackets 1700 PLN
Cosmetic braces 2500 PLN
Fixed fragmentary braces 1200 PLN
Follow-up visits with fixed braces every 4-6 weeks 100 - 150 PLN
Removal of braces with cleaning of teeth from glue 150 - 200 PLN
Visit during retention period (every 4 months) 70 PLN
Flexible braces - Treiner 600 PLN
Carrier Motion braces 700 PLN per side
Chin cap 300 PLN

Installment plan

Specimen collection with histopathological examination (excision of lesion, tumor) 300 PLN
Treatment of mucosal lesions from 200 PLN
Gingivoplasty, correction of the gingiva 250 PLN
Clinical crown lengthening (gingivoplasty) 1 tooth 350 PLN
Atrial dredging/plastic surgery without graft 700PLN
Atrial dredging/plastic surgery with epithelial tissue grafting (FGG) 1000 PLN
Gingivosteoplasty with bone augmentation (regeneration of 1 pocket) 1200 PLN
Gingivosteoplasty with bone augmentation using a membrane (regeneration of 1 pocket) 1450 PLN
Subgingival scaling under anesthesia 400PLN
Small closed curettage (up to 3 teeth) 300 PLN
Large closed curettage (up to 6 teeth) 500 PLN
Small open curettage (up to 3 teeth) 600 PLN
Large open curettage (up to 6 teeth) 900 PLN
Ceramic crown on implant 2000-2500 PLN
Coverage of recessions - 1 tooth (in the case of multiple teeth individual pricing) from 1200 PLN
Tooth splinting Fiber Splint 1 tooth from 200 PLN

Installment plan

Please be advised that the above service prices are indicative, and depend on the extent of the procedure. In our office there is a possibility to pay by installments Mediraty, adapted to the needs of the patient and determined before the treatment.


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