Well organized work makes it possible to provide dental services to the highest satisfaction of both the patient and the entire dental office staff. Perle Dental Clinic conducts its business activity in Bielany Wrocławskie at 12 Konwaliowa Street.

Terms and Conditions apply to:

all persons employed by Perle Dental Clinic within the scope of its medical activity, regardless of the legal basis of their employment, as well as all patients to whom health services are provided.

Making Patients’ First Appointment

  1. We accept applications in person, by phone, electronically by booking online appointments which must be confirmed by a doctor.
  2. Patients are enrolled by a qualified and experienced dental registrar on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. The registrar, after an initial interview, estimates how much time to reserve for an appointment.
  4. We allow 30 minutes for a standard visit, up to 120 minutes for an endodontic (root canal treatment) or prosthodontic visit. The time needed to perform the procedure is determined solely by the doctor.
  5. Pauses of several minutes are required between admissions to prepare the workstation.
  6. Your doctor will not give you a consultation over the phone or anywhere other than directly at the dentist's chair in the office.
  7. In cases of urgency and pain, we try to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
  8. On the eve of the scheduled appointment, the Patient will receive an SMS appointment reminder to remind them of the appointment and to obtain confirmation that the patient will be attending for treatment. If the patient wishes to cancel or reschedule the appointment they are required to send back a text message stating "NO".
  9. Your doctor will not give you a consultation over the phone or anywhere other than directly at the dentist’s chair in the office.


Order of patients admission 

Patients enrolled for an appointment have absolute priority. We try to do everything so that there are no delays in accepting Patients. Sometimes certain unpredictability in dentistry causes procedures to be prolonged. Therefore, we ask our patients to understand delays of several minutes. As far as possible, we notify patients by phone about the situation. Patients who require urgent medical intervention are registered according to the schedule possibilities.

First visit 

For the first visit, please arrive 15 minutes in advance in order to complete the necessary medical documentation, read the price list and regulations.
The patient is asked to present an identity document and to fill out a questionnaire "Information about the patient’s health" as well as a consent for processing personal data.

  1. The patient signs the regulations of the Perle Dental clinic.
  2. During the visit, after examining the patient and performing any additional tests, the doctor presents an optimal treatment plan and a preliminary cost estimate.
  3. In the case of a first-time visit where immediate treatment is required, the doctor will deviate from the whole oral cavity treatment plan and provide the necessary intervention (such as pain management).

Beginning of the treatment

  1. Prior to the procedure, the patient gives written consent for the procedure and, in the case of prosthetic treatment, acceptance of the cost estimate and treatment plan.
  2. The doctor may refuse to start treatment or continue treatment because of failure to perform recommended treatments such as specialized consultations, scaling, antibiotic therapy, tests, etc.
  3. If you do not agree to the optimal treatment plan, your doctor may suggest an alternative treatment plan. However, the alternative treatment plan may not be covered by the warranty.

Confirmation of visit

  1. A day before the appointment in the booking system of Perle Dental Clinic, the receptionist sends an SMS to confirm the appointment, in the case of specialist procedures she calls personally.
  2. In case the Patient does not answer the phone, an SMS message is sent asking to confirm the scheduled visit.
  3. If the Patient does not confirm the attendance by 4:00 p.m. the day before, the appointment may be cancelled.
  4. Due to lack of capacity or technology, Patients may not receive appointment reminders, so please remember to confirm your attendance at your appointments even without a reminder SMS.

Reserve list

Patients who want their treatment to be expedited may sign up for the reserve list. In a situation when another Patient resigns from their appointment, the receptionist first notifies the Patients on the list by phone about the available time.

Cancellation of appointments

Booking an appointment is a binding verbal agreement between the dentist and the patient.

Each booked appointment means full preparation of the treatment area, medical and support staff. This means that for each visit booked, the following have been committed - clinic staff time and financial resources.

The patient is obliged to inform the reception desk of Perle Dental Clinic clinic about cancellation of an appointment on time - at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment in order to allow the reception desk to schedule the patient from the reserve list.

In case of absence on two consecutive visits, the patient will be crossed out from further bookings. The condition for accepting and booking new visits is making a reservation fee of PLN 200 on account, 2 working days before the visit.

In case of booking an appointment over 1.5 hours, a deposit is charged towards future treatment, the amount is deducted after the treatment procedure. In case of failure to cancel a visit 24 hours prior to its scheduled date or lack of a visit, the deposit is forfeited.

  1. Appointments for 60 minutes must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Implantation appointment must be cancelled 7 working days before the booked visit.
  2. Longer visits (more than 60 minutes) must be cancelled 3 working days before the booked visit.
  3. If the Patient confirms the visit and then fails to appear for it, depending on the type of visit to which they were scheduled - they will be charged 50, 100 or 150 PLN which will be added to the price of the next visit.
  4. For Patients who have 3 or more absences from appointments, the Clinic reserves the right to refuse to provide or continue treatment.

Late appointments

Arriving more than 15 minutes late for an appointment is considered a cancellation. The doctor may admit the late Patient only if they decide that it will not delay the visits of the following Patients. The scope of a scheduled visit may be changed.

Patient Rights

When using medical services at Perle Dental Clinic, the Patient has the right to:

  1. reliable health information,
  2. be treated with dignity and courtesy by medical staff,
  3. provision of health services by medical personnel with qualifications in line with the requirements of the current medical knowledge.

The Patient’s consent for or refusal of particular medical services is given after obtaining information on the proposed method of treatment and the necessary diagnostic tests.

Information on patient rights shall be made available to patients.

Patient Responsibilities 
Patient responsibilities include:

  1. observing the Perle Dental Clinic regulations,
  2. following doctor's orders,
  3. respect of personal hygiene,
  4. respect the ban on smoking and drinking alcohol on the premises of the clinic,
  5. compliance with safety and fire regulations,
  6. hold valid documents.


In accordance with Articles 627 - 646 of the Civil Code, the Patient is entitled to a warranty. For the sake of the Patient, dental services are performed at the highest level by qualified employees and associates. If, during the warranty period, a tooth filling or prosthetic restoration undergoes deformation, changes its color or its properties, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

A complaint shall not be considered if:

  1. an alternative rather than optimal treatment plan was performed at the patient's request,
  2. Patient has stopped scheduled treatment or is having teeth treated at another office at the same time,
  3. does not follow doctor's instructions, e.g. regarding oral hygiene and removable dentures, and diet (e.g. after teeth whitening ),
  4. failed to make a prosthetic restoration of the tooth after root canal treatment,
  5. uses or stores dentures not in accordance with doctor's instructions,
  6. makes corrections, alterations, and repairs to a prosthetic restoration by themselves or at another office,
  7. suffered an accident resulting in mechanical damage to the restorations,
  8. suffers from bruxism (grinding of teeth),
  9. has progressive bone atrophy causing the denture to settle,
  10. damaged a denture outside the mouth,
  11. smokes tobacco or has undergone chemo- or radiotherapy for cancer – in case of implants and bone regeneration treatments.

Non-claimable complications 

Before planning the treatment, the Patient must be aware that despite the doctor's greatest care, unwanted and non-claimable complications may occur during the treatment, such as:

  1. pain in the treated tooth or surrounding tissues,
  2. trismus,
  3. cracked, broken tooth,
  4. soft tissue soreness, swelling, abscess, hematoma, prolonged bleeding (after surgery),
  5. increased body temperature, malaise,
  6. allergic reaction to the drugs used,
  7. exacerbation of comorbidities,
  8. tooth sensitivity after treatment or whitening.

The occurrence of the above complications may cause, among others:

  1. discomfort and stress caused by pain,
  2. need to take medications relevant to drivers and pregnant women,
  3. problems with eating and speaking, aesthetic problems,
  4. previously unplanned root canal treatment of a tooth,
  5. previously unscheduled tooth extraction.

Most of the above-mentioned complications occur sporadically and pass quickly without a trace, but serious dental procedures should not be planned before important events, such as vacations or family celebrations.

Payment for services provided

  1. Payment for the services provided is made after each visit in accordance with the applicable price list.
  2. In the case of prosthetic treatment, the patient is asked to pay a deposit of 40% of the total value of the prosthetic restoration (at the first prosthetic visit).
  3. The rest of the fee is paid by the patient at the last visit related to the prosthetic work.
  4. The clinic may ask to pay a deposit for certain procedures up to 30 days before the appointment, such as implant placement or major prosthetic work.

Medical records

In practice, medical records are kept only in electronic form.

The records are made available in a manner that ensures confidentiality and protection of personal data. The maximum fee for providing access to medical records is specified in Art. 28, paragraph 4 of the Act of 6 November 2008 on Patient Rights and Patient Ombudsman.

  1. Medical records shall be made available:
    1. by making photocopies, copies and extracts thereof,
    2. by issuing the original against a receipt and subject to return after use at the request of authorized bodies.
  2. Medical records are prepared and passed after a verbal or written request of the Patient or legal guardian for access to them. 
The written request must include the following information:
    1. Patient’s first and last name,
    2. PESEL number,
    3. handwritten signature of the Patient or legal guardian.
If the Patient is unable to come in person to pick up the records, they may authorize someone else to do so. The authorization must include the following information:

      - first and last name,

      - PESEL number,

      - number of the document based on which the identity of the person can be verified  .
  3. Medical records are prepared immediately - up to a maximum of 7 days - after receiving a verbal or written request for access to them. The Patient shall be notified by phone about the documentation ready for collection.
  4. Medical records will be issued upon presentation of identification document.
  5. Any item from which a medical procedure can be documented is a medical record.
  6. Medical records can be picked up in person after notification and appointment at that time. It is not possible to send medical records by e-mail or post.

Security and processing of personal data

  1. The Security Policy of Personal Data Protection and Processing is in force in Perle Dental Clinic.
  2. The administrator of personal data is Perle Dental Clinic with the registered office in Bielany Wrocławskie at Konwaliowa 12 Street.
  3. Perle Dental Clinic is under constant audio-visual supervision, except for sanitary rooms.
  4. The Patient is responsible for damage to equipment and furniture.
  5. The clinic is not responsible for items left unattended on the premises of Perle Dental Clinic.

Final provisions

  1. In matters not regulated by these Regulations, the following provisions are applied:
    - Act on Medical Activity of April 15, 2011 (Journal of Laws of 2011, no. 112, item 654 as amended), 

    – Act on Patient Rights and Patient Ombudsman of 6 November 2008. (Journal of Laws of 2009, No. 52, item 417 as amended).
  2. The rules included in the above regulations are in force in Perle Dental Clinic with minor corrections and updates from 09.2016.



Book  your  visit  online

Conveniently schedule your appointment online. Each booking must be confirmed by a doctor, after the doctor accepts the date you will receive an email confirming the appointment.


Opening hours

The clinic is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.,

Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


We invite you to register by phone

tel. 692 77 80 11


Perle Dental Clinic, 12 Konwaliowa St.

55 - 040  
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